Mass Times


Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th April 2021

Saturday Holy Mass                   Bannockburn  6:30pm                Ann & Lex Broadfoot

Sunday Holy Mass                     Bannockburn 10:00am                Ann Marie Aitken

Sunday Holy Mass                     Cowie            11:30am                People of the Parish

Tuesday Requiem Mass             Bannockburn   10:00am             Jimmy McKenna RIP

Tuesday Holy Mass                   Bannockburn    7:00pm              James Rose                    

Wednesday Holy Mass                Bannockburn  10:00am              Denis Meehan

Thursday  Holy Mass                 Bannockburn     10:00am            John Herriot

Friday Requiem Mass                Bannockburn     11:00am            Yvonne Hogg 

Saturday Holy Mass                Bannockburn      10:00am            Mary Kearney

Saturday Holy Mass                Bannockburn   6:30pm                  Maisie Docherty

Sunday  Holy Mass                 Bannockburn  10:00am                  People of the Parish

Sunday Holy Mass                  Cowie           11:30am                    Margaret Martin

Confessions will be heard by appointment only

You can book a place by phoning or by E-mail to the Church house or at the back of the Church.

If you need to get in touch with Fr Kevin just phone as per usual.  If anyone is experiencing difficulties with lockdown during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to try and resolve your issues.  All of our up to date information is on our Facebook Page including Mass with Fr Kevin


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