Mass Times

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday 24th October to Sunday 1st November 2020

Saturday Holy Mass          6:30pm      B/B           Anne Lynch

Sunday Holy Mass           10:00am      B/B           Linda Hardie

Sunday Holy Mass           11:30am     Cowie      People of the Parish

Tuesday Holy Mass          7:00pm        B/B           

Wednesday Requiem Mass 10:00am     B/B        Ellen Gray (Private)

Thursday Holy Mass          10:00am     B/B           Helen Boyle

Friday Requiem Mass        10:00am     B/B         Bridget Kelly (Private)

Saturday  Holy Mass            6:30pm     B/B           Anne Broadfoot

Sunday   Holy Mass           10:00am     B/B           Fr Purcell

Sunday Holy Mass            11:30am    Cowie       People of the Parish

We have started our own Facebook Page. Please join up and get all the latest news and goings on in the Parish. Our new website is still in progress. If you have elderly relatives or friends please show them Face book and share with them what’s going on I’m sure they will enjoy all the photographs etc.

National Rosary Relay Rally 

Pray the Rosary online with others in the Archdiocese for the National Rosary Rally on Saturday 31 October at 1pm. Pray along on the Archdiocese’s Facebook, YouTube or website:


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